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Lotus Domino

IBM Domino products provide a multi-platform foundation for collaboration and e-business, hosting critical applications, driving solutions from mail and instant messaging through to CRM and web based transactions.

Lotus Domino can be used as a Web server and/or as an application server for the Lotus Notes application, the client side of a client-server collaborative application.


Consulting services for Lotus Notes and Domino software. 


Our team is ready to deliver your Domino based applications.


Trust in the professionals who can suggest in the correct migration strategy.


Optimisation and consolidation services are important.


Quickly and properly perform administrative tasks.


We provide a low-cost solutions for XPages migration.

Lotus Domino products include:

  • Collaboration Express
  • Enterprise Server
  • Messaging Express
  • Messaging Server
  • Utility Express
  • Utility Server
  • Access for Microsoft Outlook
  • Administrator Client
  • Designer Client
  • Document Manager
  • Everyplace
  • IBM Lotus iNotes (known as IBM Lotus Domino Web Access before 2008)
  • Lite Mode (for slow connections)
  • Ultralite Mode (for the Safari browser on an Apple iPhone)
  • Unified Communications
  • Lotus Notes Traveler

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