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Lotus Notes, Domino AND SharePoint Migration

When you are not sure whether to migrate Lotus Notes, Domino or Microsoft Sharepoint Applications, We are here to answer your questions to take your business in the proper direction. While we recommend migration in some instances, there are alternatives, including integration or simply leaving the applications as is. We take into account your current infrastructure as well as your future business plans.

Smooth migration from Notes to SharePoint

When you want to move over Notes legacy systems or increase system efficiency, migration to SharePoint can be a great solution. It is also cost efficient. That being said, you need expertise to move documents and other items securely and smoothly.

Our professional team helps you migrate to SharePoint 2013 or 2016 with minimal disruption to your workplace operations. We use a migration model that allows for customisation to your environment and is clearly laid out in a streamlined approach.

Experts you can count on

While many competitors offer only Lotus Notes / Domino application knowledge, we have additional understanding of Microsoft SharePoint. That means that our developers can assess, recommend and install a range of applications skillfully. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

What are the choices for Notes / Domino?

When it comes to Domino, we understand you might not be sure which way to proceed. Trust in the professionals who can suggest strategies such as migrating to Google Apps or to SharePoint. Once we assess your Domino server and surrounding environment, our experts can provide you with customised solutions that provide a smooth migration, with minimal disruption to users.

You have likely heard of automated tools for converting applications, and this is something we do consider. However, use of these tools depends on your Notes environment, which applications fit within you budget and other factors. Our solution is personalised to your business.

Additional migration services

We can also:

  • Migrate Lotus Notes to PDF
  • Archive emails, documents and more
  • Integrate Notes with Microsoft Office
  • Get advanced document authoring, precise printing and other features
  • Set up MS Office automation
  • Mail merge, fast letter creation and more

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