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Lotus Notes and Domino Development

Our highly-qualified professionals bring a combined several thousand hours of experience and have IBM Lotus certification. With this high caliber combination, our team is ready and capable of delivering your Domino-based applications with expert precision.

We understand that every organisation has a unique personality. That is why we listen to what you want done in terms of planning, analysis, integration and/or management services. Your development issues are what we strive find creative solutions for, and we are confident in our abilities to do so.

We brings a wealth of Lotus Notes / Domino development skills, including:

Examination & planning

  • Examine goals and objectives
  • Gather relevant documents
  • Plan design, structure and timelines
  • Document current and intended specifications
  • Prototype approach; low and hi fidelity

Application development

  • Domino 3.x – 8.x application development
  • Intranet and extranet web apps
  • Tweak application performance
  • Add-ins for Domino Server

Programming skills

  • Java and JavaScript programming
  • LotusScript programming
  • LotusScript extensions with DLLS
  • Formula programming
  • HTML and DHTML coding
  • Java applet and Flash

Conversion across systems

  • MS Office to Lotus Notes
  • Hybrid Domino to WebSphere
  • Lotus Notes C++ API toolkits
  • RDBMS integration within SQL environment
  • Integrate email system with apps
  • Customise apps as requested

Organisational Tasks

  • Set up server and support add-ins as requested
  • Analyse and increase system efficiency
  • Evaluate current risks and develop risk assessment plan

Business experience

We has experience delivering Lotus Notes and Domino solutions to clients for these business purposes:

HR solutions

  • Staff hiring
  • Staff performance reviews
  • Resolving team time management issues
  • HR system integration with SQL server
  • Mail filtering solutions

Infrastructure planning

  • Risk analysis issue management
  • Put document procedures in place
  • Cost reduction through infrastructure management
  • Introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance standards in software/hardware and security policies
  • Creation of budget, related report and proposals
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Overview development

Financial Transactions

  • Development of web-based quotation system for motor industry; combined financial and insurance quotes with product within one email
  • Building SaaS & client/server CRM system similar to SalesForce

Custom Solutions

  • Development of manufacturing application for client/server and web clients
  • Resolve software performance using Lotus Domino, JavaScript, SQL, etc.
  • Maintain and configure primary production machines

Set up of email accounts, user certificates and Lotus Notes workspace

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