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Domino Administration

We understand the tools and content with expertise that gives us an edge over the competitors. Our administrative services are well-developed from a combined 18 years of experience and from the numerous creative solutions that we have successfully implemented for businesses.

IBM Domino is a system we regularly converse with, which provides us with the capabilities to quickly and properly perform administrative tasks for you. Using our quality services saves your business money, while also opening up the opportunity for your technical systems to run more efficiently than they currently do.

Administrative services

  • Around the clock support
  • Domino hosting
  • Administrative supports
  • Optimisation of the Domino environment
  • Support for hardware and infrastructure
  • Staff assistance
  • Security measures
  • Replication tasks
  • Upgrades
  • Focused tools

Get the benefits

Our administrative services provides you these benefits:

  • Support any time of the day
  • Domino hosting provider
  • Top quality admin supports
  • Optimised, fast-performing environment
  • Software, hardware and infrastructure supports
  • Highly secure system
  • Upgrades as they roll out
  • Support is low cost with high efficiency

More about administrative services

Around the clock support

We provide remote services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our flexible schedule and our affordable pricing make it easier for you to receive the critical help you need, right when you need it. Our secure remote tasks include troubleshooting, training new users and server administration. We also remotely perform security checks and find unique, custom ways to increase your system’s efficiency.

Domino hosting

For your Domino server, our hosting services provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. As we handle the hosting, it frees up you or your IT team for other projects that are higher priority for you. We install, run and troubleshoot for the Domino server when we provide hosting for you.

Administrative supports

Let us attend to your administrative needs. We are fully trained in understanding and installing Domino ID Vault. And tools such as the Domino Attachment and Objective Service is one that we are well-versed in. As well, dynamic access policies, roaming user profiles and replication settings such as Purge Interval Replication Control (PIRC) are well within our scope of expertise.

Optimisation of the Domino environment

In addition, we pride ourself in finding ways to improve on your current system. Our expert analysis of your server and surrounding environment help us find ways to help you – primarily by increasing the system efficiency. Our recommended modifications can save you money in your yearly budget and has potential to substantially increase company output. When we document your current system, we may find issues and in that case we would take corrective actions right away.

Support for hardware and infrastructure

While we are often hired for our software support services, our team also assists you with your hardware and infrastructure in particular ways. For example, if we notice that your hardware is running less than optimal, we suggest ways to improve the equipment and in turn run the software more efficiently. We also monitor your systems at scheduled intervals to make sure all is running in top health.

Staff assistance

Our administrative task work becomes like an additional staff member for your business. We perform scheduled maintenance tasks to keep your system running smoothly and in top health. Our in-depth knowledge of Notes and Domino is what you can draw on, any time of the day.

Security measures

Maintaining high security for your business is essential. That’s why we assist with strengthening of passwords and certificate reviews. We also can effectively manage Notes user IDs with Domino ID Vault and install Single Sign-On, as requested.

Replication Tasks

For replication topology and email routing, Lotus Domino Development is available for documenting and assess your current system to determine how to increase efficiency. Should we see improvements to make, we are then able to assist your IT team in carrying out the tasks.

Upgrade services

As you likely know, software, hardware and other system parts and tools are regularly updated and improved on. When new releases come available, we will apply them to your business so that your operations always run optimally.

Focused tools

We have unique perspectives that we use to develop specialised apps and tools. For example, we have management products for organising your email, as well as improving data storage and security. We develop solutions to achieve the best performance possible from your equipment and are always searching for new solutions to issues that clients come to us for.

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