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Design and Discovery

Accurate requirements gathering in any project is of paramount importance.  At the outset we will focus on understanding and helping to shape your business requirements.  Only then will we work to set out a technical solution and a delivery plan.


We execute a Design and Discovery project whereby our team works directly with the IT department and the Business User Leaders to learn the answers to the following questions:

"Who are the Business users?"

"What are their roles?"

"What are they permitted to see & do?"

"What tasks do they perform?"

"What are the business processes?"

"How do they deliver work product?"

"What are the inputs and outputs?"

"What are the system integration points?"


The answer to these and other business questions enables the our team to define the system requirements. Business processes become workflows and phases, workflow phases become features, tasks become taxonomy, and work products become content types. All of this together becomes the Information Architecture (IA). The IA provides the facts that become navigation, Site Hierarchy, Content Types, and Managed Metadata. Once the IA is documented and understood then the UI designs come together showcasing intuitive navigation and usability


Documented information architecture, and documented business requirements, a limited number of UI designs, and a project plan for implementation. Now you’re ready to make the most of SharePoint. The implementation can be performed by our team, or the client, or it can be a collaborative effort. The Information Architecture is the key to ensuring the successful usability and adoption of a SharePoint implementation. Some of the top reason SharePoint projects fail include, poor support from management, failure to properly plan or scope at the beginning, lacking expertise, poor user adoption. Our processes and expertise ensures the visibility of the project is endorsed from all of the business leaders, relieves the burden of technical expertise, solidifies the business and technical requirements assuring the delivery is not a once size fits all product but a truly specialised successful delivery.

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