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SharePoint deployment is a huge deal and if not, planned correctly, can lead to complete project failure. We work with clients to establish a SharePoint Governance Plan to set out policies and rules on how users will interact with the SharePoint platform. This is essential to success and leads to key architectural decisions around the architecture.

Physical Architecture

We work with you to consider requirements around availability, disaster recovery and back-ups to establish the ideal configuration of physical servers to host your SharePoint 'farm'. This may be a combination of on-premise, Microsoft Azure or Office 365.

Logical Architecture

The logical architecture sets out at a high level the grouping of elements which will share settings, configurations and policies. This is required to safeguard SharePoint farm resources, ensure target performance and provide future scalability.

Information Architecture

This sets out how information in the form of data, content and documents are laid out across SharePoint. We work closely with you to understand information needs and then establish the impact this has on SharePoint building blocks  such as:

  • site collections:
  • sites & subsites;
  • libraries;
  • lists;
  • folders;
  • metadata;
  • templates.

A SharePoint Governance Plan contains the essential information needs to ensure a successful implementation.  Establishing clearly how the system will be used and its architectural implications can be the difference between successful adoption, and failure.

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