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XPages Migration

When companies that use applications based in IBM Notes and Domino find that a migration to IBM XPages meets their needs, then our team can step in to help. While Notes-based applications may work well for your company one year, we understand that it may not continue to do so. If that happens, then a web-based alternative such as XPages is a great place to migrate too.

Why migrate to XPages?

Some common reasons for XPages migration include:

  • Meeting increasing demands of users
  • To get high-quality Web 2.0 experience
  • To use web-based applications
  • For use of applications on mobile devices

Migration benefits

While you may consider using Microsoft, .NET, Open Source, Java or other non-Domino platform, migrating to XPages instead provides you with specific benefits. For example, XPages is a low-cost solution for the actual migration and maintenance. Saving costs enables your company to invest funds elsewhere to assist in company growth.

Other XPages migration benefits include:

  • Low risk profile
  • No data involved
  • Receiving Domino benefits
  • Protecting Notes applications
  • Rapid transfer

Lotus Domino Development is your best choice

For XPages migration, we provide a low-cost solution carried out by an efficient, professional team. With 18 years of experience in the IT industry, we understand the best steps for a successful migration and how to avoid common pitfalls. Plus, our customer service is top quality; we pride ourselves in creating a stress-free environment for our clients.

We believe strongly in clear communication and is highly dependable. Trust in the experts!

Steps in the Xpages migration process

The steps of successful Xpage migration, in order, are:

  • Assess currently used application profiles and usage
  • Analyse goals and plan tests that adhere to company standards
  • Set up test environment, including test data for applications
  • Create framework for XPages to run successfully once live
  • Migration with rapid delivery
  • Enhance applications to work optimally in environment
  • Retest applications
  • Maintenance as necessary

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