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Application Performance Improvement

Improving performance of a Domino applications is important. Many people agree with that. We argue that optimising performance is actually more than important – it is crucial. A Domino application that runs efficiently and smoothly, regardless of the number of users at a single time, can significantly improve business operations and increase output. That is why Lotus Domino Development’s services for application performance tuning are key to your business strategy.

Overcome a sluggish Domino

Do you have a slow-performing Domino application? It does happen. In fact, it happens frequently to businesses, particularly as the applications become more complex, and number of users for it grows. Because of the way the application is designed, it may be causing lag-time for users, which slows down their productivity. Another reason for sluggish Domino performance is the growth in the number of documents.

Rather than looking to place blame for the slow-downs, we work right away at finding effective solutions. The slow performance needs to be fixed. We, therefore, analyse your infrastructure and Domino’s place within it to find the bottlenecks and find effective ways to work through them.

Finding solutions

Whereas many competitors would tell you that you need new hardware to fix the poor performance issues, we offer other more affordable solutions. Bringing in new hardware is not always the best fix, and it certainly can be costly. Instead, we strategise how to rework your applications so that their performance improves. That may require buying new hardware, but it’s not always the case, and it certainly isn’t the only option available. We understand that you likely don’t have an unlimited budget and therefore we offer affordable solutions for tweaking application performance.

Better speed is attainable

When your goal is to improve Domino application performance, We are here to guide you through decisions and make changes that bring better speed than you currently experience. Our highly skilled developers consider design, space, budget and more when we customise a solution for you. To book an initial consultation with Lotus Domino Development, contact us today.

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