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Optimisation and Consolidation

When it comes to optimising your Domino platform, We combine low-cost strategies with expert advice to give you the best option on the market.

Do you want to consolidate your Domino environment? Is your goal to increase ROI by getting support services that increase the efficiency of your Domino server infrastructure?

When you have goals such as the ones above, look no further for reaching them in a timely manner.

Why are optimisation and consolidation services important?

Optimisation and consolidation services help you to:

  • Create the most efficient infrastructure possible
  • Improve hardware performance
  • Decrease response times
  • Increase ROI
  • Have fewer infrastructure glitches, for fewer disruptions

What related services does Lotus Domino Development provide?

To optimise your Lotus Notes & Domino environment, we analyse your current structure, using the most modern tools available. Based on the analysis findings, our expert team plans customised solutions for your business that save you money on certificates and renewals, while increasing your ROI overall. Our analyses extend to your email and web services, as well as integral applications.

Our specific services are:

Analysis of Domino Directory

  • Consolidate address book
  • Fix orphan users
  • Group naming as appropriate
  • Recommend program supports
  • Domino Directory Assistance tasks
  • Authenticate clients
  • Notes address book cleanup
  • Customise LDAP searches
  • Notes email compliance and lifecycle management

Analysis of Domino Performance

  • Server monitoring
  • Examine hardware, including:
  • Drives
  • Memory
  • RAM drive setup
  • Current network compressions
  • Based on examination, move files to optimise performance
  • Including RAM drive usage
  • INI analysis, including JVM settings
  • Review of time out settings and statistics
  • Anti-virus system analysis and fixes
  • Manage log files
  • Purging recommendations

Domino Server Adjustments

Consolidate or expand Domino server as necessary, after review of the environment. The below activities may reduce licencing and overhead costs:

  • Virtual server tasks
  • Removal of server from system
  • Migrating users to new server
  • Cluster set up and optimisation
  • Awareness between Notes client clustered servers

Domino Database Upgrades

  • ODS on-disk structure upgrades
  • Fix corruption issues related to database
  • Commence relevant Policy documents
  • Review for archive and quota management
  • Use of replication setting PIRC

Workstation Management & Support

  • Installation of multi-user and roaming clients
  • Review data security (ECL)
  • Review of document connection

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